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Waffle Free Storytelling

Episode 121 / 23rd Sep, 2023

Waffle Free Stories for Kids!

Episode 11 / 1st May, 2021

You and Me Talk Story!

/ 25th Sep, 2023

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This is

Waffle-Free Storytelling

The place where coffee breaks become mini-adventures, headphones become front row seats, and personal history becomes a family story.

There are three shows in this glorious collection:

Waffle-Free Storytelling: This show is packed with fables, modern myths and stories mostly written and told by yours truly (Tina Konstant).

The tales are inspired by “being human”, events taking place in the world, and anything that gets under my skin that week.

So, you’ll find a lot about climate change (When the Sun Stopped Playing Ball), abuse of power (Little Hands), relationships (Family Feud), the dark side of being human (This Dog Bites or Bury Clara)… you see what I mean?

New stories (with the occasional chat with an epic storyteller) go live every Saturday.

Waffle-Free Stories for Kids!: The stories in this show are wild, crazy, unpredictable, and packed with adventure and silliness! It follows Jack, Horace, and Jemima, the Hoofmagraws of Noodle Wood, as they try to find their way home. Each story is guided and inspired by words sent in by kids.

You and Me Talk Story: This is a shortcast and occasional interview show about how to find, create, remix, and tell stories that stick.

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